If you are a person who advocates the ban of “Assault Weapons” I urge you to click this picture, and read this presentation.

I have shot an AR-15, it’s in the house. And I’m here to tell you, it’s not some super deadly killing machine. Not any more than any other rifle. Just because it LOOKS SIMILAR to the M4A1 does not mean it magically fucking inherits the properties of said gun. And YES, actually people DO use them to hunt. They’re actually pretty good for boar hunting, or for other more dangerous game. Having to work a bolt action with a pissed off pig racing at you to gore the shit out of you isn’t ideal.

AUTOMATIC RIFLES ARE ILLEGAL TO OWN (by and joe shmoe.there ARE ways, but they cost a lot, and take a lot). ANY AK-47 OWNED NOW, IS ONLY SEMI AUTO. It’s JUST a rifle.

I just don’t understand how people get so pissed off when Repubs use bullshit language and excuses and skewed numbers to push an agenda against women’s rights or gay rights, but then do the EXACT SAME SHIT when it comes to firearms. People sling around the world “assault weapon” and don’t know what the fuck that entails. I’m getting really sick of it.

GET READY FOR SOME GUN POSTS BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO EDUCATE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. If you really hate all guns and want them all gone, fine, that’s your opinion. But make it a fucking INFORMED opinion. You wouldn’t want someone to take away your things because of facts they heard off tv, why the fuck are you doing it. HOW IS THIS OK. DO RESEARCH ON A WEBSITE THAT ISN’T OBVIOUSLY AGAINST GUNS. LOOK AT BOTH SIDES, HOLY SHIT. Any NOT just the gun nuts they find to put on TV or the NRA spokesperson, who’s an ass.

Really, really, honestly, I don’t really feel that super strong about this topic. But the spewing about of misinformation is fucking killing me. If I can show one person that maybe these laws are going to be expensive wastes of time, I’ll be happy.

There are some things Obama mentioned that I’m totally cool with, really. I’m NOT against stricter gun laws. What I AM against is new gun laws that don’t actually DO anything, cost this country, WHICH IS IN A RECESSION MONEY, and are just stupid, useless feel good laws.

NEXT UP: I will explain the parts on an “assault weapon” that cause it to look oh so scary and not like your grandpa’s hunting rifle. and show you that NONE OF THESE PARTS make the gun some how more inherently deadly.

I am not here to argue what should be done. I am posting information that is missing from this conversation. Do with it what you will. If it strengthens your convictions, fine. If it makes you pause and think do to more reading, fine. But I’m sick and fucking tired of people taking this issue and turning it into another game of telephone. Next I’ll read that AR15’s shoot dragons (which would be incredible, btw).


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